Are you having issues regarding your connection to the internet? One thing you can do to resolve the problem can be to restart your router. It’s an easy procedure, regardless of the router model. The following guide walks you through the process of resetting your router.

Why Reset Your Router?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to restart your router.

You might be experiencing some difficulty with the internet, and you’ve been told that resetting your router to fix the issue.

Perhaps it’s you’re giving your router to a person, and you’d like to erase the router’s settings.

In any situation resetting the router will aid you.

What Happens When You Reset Your Router?

If the router is reset, all settings that are stored on the router are deleted. This includes the settings for your wireless network, the backup times, your firewall policies, as well as any other options you manually set on the router.

In essence, when the router is reset, it’s returning it to the condition that it was when you first opened it.

Be aware that you’ll have to change all settings after you’ve restarted your router. It’s recommended to keep your settings for your network in your pocket so that you can access these settings when you need to.

How to Find Your Router Login Information

For resetting your router, you’ll need to go to the settings page for your router. You’ll need to enter the username and password of your router.

The majority of routers employ administrators for a username as well as password fields. You can test these out and test whether they are effective.

If the logins above aren’t working, you’ll look up the router’s manual to determine how to log in using the default credentials. You can also locate your default username and password for the majority of routers on the internet.

How to Reboot Your Router

If you’re having trouble with some minor issues regarding your internet, an easy reboot of your router could help. In this way, you won’t have to reset your router, which erases all settings that you have set.

Here are two options to restart your router.

Use The Power Button On Your Router

If your router comes with an actual button that turns the device off and on, then use it to switch your router off and then switch it back on after a period of around 30 minutes.

Suppose your router isn’t equipped with an option to turn off the power outlet on the router. It should be a half minute. After that, switch the socket on again.

Use the Settings Page to Reboot Your Router

Its Settings Page for the router must offer the option of restarting your router.

Here’s how to find this reboot option in two different types of routers.

Reboot an Advanced DrayTek Router:

  1. Use a web-based browser to access your personal computer.
  2. Log in using the logins to open the menu of settings.
  3. Click System Maintenance to the left.
  4. Choose Reboot System from the menu that is expanded.
  5. On the left, select using your current setting in The Reboot System section, and then select Reboot Now.
  6. You must wait for your router to turn off and then turn it back on.

Reboot a Basic iBall Router:

  1. Start your browser, type in an IP address that is associated with your router and press enter.
  2. Enter the login credentials to your router.
  3. Once you’re logged in, then go to maintenance in the upper.
  4. Click Restart from the left.
  5. Click Restart the Router to the right, and your router will restart.
Internet Problems? How to Reset Your Router