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Things may not always run as smoothly as they should, as there is a possibility that you will find some difficulties while playing games on Windows 10.

Some gamers have recently complained that their graphics cards (GPUs) have crashed while they are playing games. And, because this is a significant and extremely inconvenient problem, we’ll go over all of the troubleshooting methods you may take to resolve it.

Users have complained that their monitors have crashed while they are playing games, which is also caused by the same underlying problem — the GPU is unable to handle the demands of the game itself.

In other cases, users reported the same problem, with their computers crashing while playing games even though the system was not overheating. The same concept applies if the computer fails during the course of the game after a few minutes.

What is causing my games to crash on Windows 10 and 11?

Crashing your games is one of the most frustrating experiences a gamer can have, especially if they have been in the works for a long time and you have been looking forward to their release.

Notably, these types of issues can occur regardless of the operating system you’re using, with a substantial number of users reporting that their PC freezes while playing games on AMD platforms.

In some cases, it appears that the problem manifests itself as a game crash following the installation of a driver update, or as a simple freeze.

As you may assume, there are several primary reasons of these issues, including:

You might be using out-of-date graphics card drivers

I made the mistake of installing the incorrect GPU drivers.

Windows version that is no longer supported

Not having the most recent DirectX application installed; the computer overheating; and the GPU not being powerful enough.

Other situations that you can find yourself in are those that are triggered by the installation of new hardware on your computer.

Following the installation of new RAM, some users have reported that their games have crashed. This can be due to the new hardware not being correctly recognised by the motherboard, or it can be caused by the RAM ports not being thoroughly cleaned before the installation process begins.

Fix: When playing games on Windows 10 or 11, the GPU crashes.